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In this article, I to show you how to make money with a subsidiary marketing, but more importantly I want show you how to do it using clickbank,in this article and most important part is that you can absolutely do it free,

So in this post I will tell yougive you some tools in the course of this video what you start with, but there are especially four points I am going to do go through in this video we will get up to a second so I can show you exactly how to make money Clickbank and how to get started right away watch this video you see absolutely no reason why you have to pay for a course or do something like that when it comes to Clickbank there is so much information there and you can get started absolutely free of charge the point of this video is to show you how to start Clickbank as a complete beginner so you can start making money right away watch this video or at least build it becomes a business so you can consistently earn more than $ 200 Clickbank every day something many people find it relatively easy to do if they do it properly and this is what i’m going to try to explain you in this video, let’s get into it to make money on Clickbank as complete beginner what i go through four separate points to look for understand before you go Clickbank and associated marketing and the first thing is what is Clickbank and how does it work and i think it is extremely important and I will touch on it a little in this video so you understand exactly what it is about and how it works, then i’ll show you how to choose the right product I can think it is extremely important because if you do not choose the right choice product or if you do not have the does not promote product is correct, that’s why you do not to make money Clickbank and I think this is extremely important and I will touch it too, then I’ll show you where to promote the product for free to get free traffic well and I think so is where many people do it wrong because I talked about different things traffic methods on my channel before and on different videos and some of them are really good to get you a lot traffic all the time and some of it is just to introduce you to Clickbank and to introduce you to a subsidiary marketing, but what I’m going to explain you today a proper business models and I think the point this video goes to the end of be that you are going to have a strategy where you can start making money Clickbank for the long term good and then the last point I’m going to show for you some tools to get started some of them are going to be absolute for free and there might be a couple in there you can potentially look at paid, but the point of this video is to show you how to do it absolutely for free, so the first point we go to touch this video is what is Clickbank and how does it work essentially well Clickbank is a digital subsidiary market where businesses can come promote their products by allowing others people to sell the product and it is are they going to give me a commission so I can break it down and tell you exactly how what works, so let’s say for example I decide a whole lot create let us say different products for example pens for example okay and these products I’m going to call it the fantastic pen and this pen that you can use on any to write screen or any tablet for example and let’s say it sells $ 65 and what I want to do is I want to come to a Clickbank and I’m going to talk Clickbank I want to put this product on their platform and someone who promotes this product is me give them a percentage of the sale so let’s say i want to give them 50% for each person they can buy this product that means we get $ 32.50, that’s a form of marketing by allowing people to promote your product but you go give them a commission for it, so let’s says I’m in the Technical and I have a whole bunch next on me this is a YouTube channel on my site on my Instagram account or whatever can be and I know that there will be be a lot of people interested in this specific pen I will come to Clickbank and I will promote this product because it costs me nothing create this product for which it is absolute free and I know I $ 32.50 for every single sale I get and it costs me nothing did not need to create something I only stock I can only get to Clickbank finds the right product I want to promote and then just take out get a link there and promote it product is what Clickbank allows people to do it, people who have a the product can come here put it on here and then you can go to promote that product you have to be careful about the product you are promoting and you need to talk a little bit about this research be on the product one hundred percent sure it’s a Clickbank product is what you want to promote or that you wants to make money on the back of this Clickbank product, so you have to go do your own research because integrity is everything your own brand and everything you portray yourself in any form of advertise okay, so this is what Clickbank is and that’s exactly how it is work like you do when you notice to you all you have to do is come over here you have to click on a create account as soon as you click on a click will take it to a page that looks like this now Clickbank is an international website but there are some countries that does not work inside and unfortunately if this is the case in your country which what you need to do is to get a to search website available on you country and the methods I use to learn how to make money in this video go with affiliate marketing also applies to this Clickbank is just the product you can find others products or other services I have seen promote affiliate marketing products what I am going to learn in this free traffic methods you use with any can do service ok so you can see yes it is an international website, so if you are in any of these countries that will work for all you have to do is come over here and register guys I’m not going go through and learn how to sign up ok it’s very simple so what you just want to do for me once for you you must register, it will take you over to their market is now in order Clickbank has so many different types categories as seen here and there are some very lucrative categories okay, and there are some categories that do not do so well and what we go with talked about today is the category it does exceptionally well and it is in the health and fitness niche, ok there are other niches that are doing well ok but it depends on what you are now it is not to say that if you has a following in a specific niche that it does not go well if you have a a lot of traffic with any form of social media that follows means to you can come here and a Clickbank get product, how to choose the right Clickbank product good I’m going to show you it now if you come here and click on to health and fitness that goes happens when you go to see it drop-down box and this drop-down box is are you going to inject all these differences subcategories okay, so if you’re in specific subcategory I suggest you do is that you come here and you can choose one of these Clickbank products well so if you come here and click on health and fitness it goes with is it going to take you here and it’s going to give us all health and fitness products category under Clickbank and what you want to do if you come here you want to choose a product or want research on a product that resonates with what you want to promote ok usually i would come here and look at the product I scroll down and look at how much money can i possibly earn from the product ok, but I also want make sure I promote a product it will not cause me any problems you know it’s definitely a hundred percent legit product on Clickbank ok and you can do it by simply doing reviews and another way to do it is to look at how many people are selling this product and one way to do it it is when you come here and you look at gravity the gravity score usually indicates how good a product sells well, now this product here lip detox for example has a gravity score 541 which is very good especially for Clickbank and the reason I say it’s a lot of people selling this product now good thing and it can be a bad thing and the reason why I could be potentially a bad thing is that it oversaturated and many people try to sell this product so much people try to sell it may have a gravity score of 541, but there could be thousands of people try to sell it that way, sometimes it’s going to take your time to test some products from or even if you have a gravity score 541 you may not have success with it immediately okay what I I would like to find a product who potentially do not have so much competition well and something you is potentially passionate about it, if you come here and look at product I want to talk about today and show you that it’s really good the product you can promote is this product here here it’s called custom Kido okay now we know diet is massive, we know Kido is a very good niche out there and a many people earn money even with this particular product here now this one still has a very high gravity score of 231 and with product above you can see with each single sale you are going to make to make an average of $ 42 good, so it’s not $ 42 per sale average $ 42 and what to do do is I just click to promote here it will give you a link that can you now use to promote the product you can shorten the link on bitly comm I’ve had it on a lot of me already talked videos and it’s something you can check later it’s a time for another video so simple that you come here and it promotes, but what I want to do is I want to show it to you product and I want to show you some the affiliate materials you can use to promote this product, I want to show you exactly how you can promote it’s just watching because i do you want to show this free traffic methods too, so if you come here and you click on a personal keto diet will take you to a page that looks like like this and it’s basically the product, this is what the consumer will do see when you promote this product so if you have a weight loss website you have a profile on any social media website this is a product you can easily promotes that there are two options is called a video sales page video sales write whatever you want to call and in general what people come here they will click on this and they can watch a video or you can come down here if you prefer to read, you can click it and you can read the product and if we come here to Clickbank you will also see that you go see this affiliate page here what it’s going to do is it are you going to give you the potential to have a look at all the connected resources that Clickbank will give you that that you can promote this product, if you click on it, it takes you to a page that looks like this and as you can see, this business is going give you all the resources you need promote their product because if you earn sales in which they make money you make money, it works like this with affiliate marketing, especially with Clickbank gives them a product promote that they give you all the tools that what you need and then you have to go out there and carry out those sales and for every sale you make Affiliate Commission account as you can see they have a welcome page left here where you can go through can create your own affiliate links about here you can come here and you can customize different links depending on where and how you want to promote it product, you have information about the product as well as that you can use it help you promote this Clickbank presents banners as you want to do paid traffic that is now paid traffic is generally something you can set up different people sites etc so that you have all the has banners on which you can put up banners On Facebook you can post banners on the whole hope different places and they give you all the links what you need to be able to do this social media, and also here found different links to use promote you on different social media can get out come here and you can also has different videos going to see different videos you have landing pages that you can also use so these affiliate pages give you everything you need to be able to do promote these different Clickbank products good but very important to you come here and you do the necessary research behind every single product you can now stand by that product I want to do is that I will talk to you a little about how you are going to go money with affiliate marketing or how you are going to make money with this Clickbank products well and first the way I want to tell you is first is via YouTube and why I start with YouTube, I know YouTube is not for everyone and I’m not going too much about it, but the reason why I wanted to say YouTube is because I done with YouTube and I have relatively good success on YouTube with these products, but there are a number ways to do it on YouTube and the first way is that you can simply go and review all these different types Clickbank products on YouTube and you do not even have to show your face camera you can just come easily here and look at this particular product well so you can come here as soon as you click to choose to read it if we come here you must do everything get free software free editing software free software that goes allows you to screen recordings and all your stuff what you need to do is come here and talk about this product and upload the video on YouTube, but there are a number different ways you can create it YouTube videos and there are a number different headings and labels and types what you can use if you go to YouTube you see you can come here you can write the best keto meals you can write the best weight loss strategies how lose weight how to get fit etc and everyone some of them can trace back to it Clickbank product, but the best part is you can do it if you have a weight loss channel type on youtube what you can do it and talk about all the different products on Clickbank to make money with Clickbank guys, this is one of the best ways to do it because you get so much free traffic well, so this is the first way you can do it and it is probably one of my number one recommendations on this just because yes, it’s going to take time to build it up but you will be get so much free traffic and love it when I say free traffic, it’s absolutely free to start start on your phone okay me the phone charges here but you can start on your phone and you can get started edit and create all this software amazing videos that will allow you to make money on Clickbank, so this is the first way, the second way you can do it’s simple to create a website now there are many people who make money with different types of subsidiary product marketing sites and I will show you some free tools in this video as I say for free I mean one hundred percent absolutely free without catch how you can not only create a free website, but also how to create a free landing page okay so keep watching because i will show you it and for example as you will to get to Google for example and let’s say I know people watch for hosting websites all the time submitting a case you come here and let’s say enter the best hosting services for example so it will take you here page and if you browse here once you get past all the ads, let’s say Click on this best web hosting, ok click on this and what it is to do is that it will give you all the best web hosting available in your specific country but what you are go understand is each of these sites all they are talked about this, these are sites designed to be affiliated marketing sales and they get Commission is behind every single player sell and many of these people will do this and you can do exactly the same rated with Clickbank products different types of weight loss products and what you can do is that you can have for example Cinderella your solutions can have the keto diet you can have a whole bunch of different weight loss products here to make yourself money on Clickbank well and everything you need to do is to create a simple website like there are now a lot of these sites hard to create and I will give you a show free piece of software you can use to do it well, so when you come here are, as you can see, all these people to do it and some of it is very simple one to two page sites and they promote these different species products so that they can be affiliated marketing commissions are okay so it is the second way you can do it right guys, and when I say it’s free, it’s completely free, it may take some time start and I will show you exactly how to do it the following way you can do it and get free traffic to easily get to Facebook now talking about going to Facebook and go and join different groups, so it’s a bit otherwise okay what am i going to tell you to do now is that I have to tell you will join Facebook groups, but after create your own Facebook group because what it does is what allows you to control the group and exactly what promote on that group and as you wish grow your group as you friends family to join these groups would you start promoting it through others social media sites and you group will eventually go people will come here and they will join you group and the best of these is and why it is a powerful subsidiary marketing strategy, especially if it come to the promotion of Clickbank products is you can place your own product on top of each Facebook group so that you can literally link your product to the up and then people will go there and I look at it, and you can come here, you can control the content and you can update it regularly Facebook group with different offers and I just found out how powerful Facebook is groups are recently when I my started owning and you can see that you know people use it all the time when they get in there they integrate into the best parties people will talk to other people, so if you promote a product by someone used and they have relatively good luck with that and then you go pin that product in your own Facebook group as the owner of those group people is more likely to buy the product and you will start to create an affiliate company marketing commission, so it’s an incredible way for yourself to get started and I highly recommend it, it’s because I done that I know how powerful it is to use people to get inside to communicate the Facebook community especially as you want to do sales with this so this is another way you can do this is the next way you can do it is easy to to come Instagram and to use Instagram to get started promoting your Clickbank offers and a website I want to show you that it is absolutely free if you want start using link tree kamekona mentioned this is a website you can go to promote a number of different offers at the one time and I will show you exactly how to do it but more importantly what I want to show you on Instagram for example is that I found this page here from someone it is earned money page okay this is someone who got an Instagram profile and what they is that they simply go here and they naturally make money online niche you can do it in a health care and fitness niche I’ve seen so much before, but I wants to show you a cup other examples of people doing this this because it’s not just the one nation Clickbank apparently has different products as well as earning money online niche the weight loss niche they have different things in technology and software etc. so you can do it many different categories and when you come here, you can see that everyone these different posts are relative similarly they probably do it on you know canva or potentially adobe or something like that, so there are a number different places they could create these different images well and like you can see relatively the same picture they change it just a little so one template and there it is changing up and then this is what they have here as you can see they have their own a link from here and people would be here they will click that link and they have eight hundred and seventy-nine thousand followers see it gives you incredible amount opportunity to make money at a subsidiary marketing and to promote money Clickbank which is now one of them is I’m going to come back to this and I’ll show you exactly what it is so, as you can see, it becomes link TR called dot double-an account basically what it do, it allows you to just copy me call me here and let me switch to on this page and I will show you exactly what it looks like you see promote more than one product anywhere given time to do what you do on Instagram you have to come here place the link above okay very very simple, and then you would have it contains a number of different products on there, if you lose weight niche and you want to make money on Clickbank and you want to promote Clickbank products you three would have different products here on you Instagram account so that when people click on them if they are not from the do not like the first product they can buy a second product product and if they do not like the third product they might buy another product well, so it gives you a opportunity to make even more money with these are guys so you can see someone wants to click on this they go to one of my products that I promote okay and I use it on a a whole range of other ways I’m doing it well so I can close it down if I come here, ok if they Click on this, it will take you to a take second product and you can very easily create it is absolutely free, do not do it costs you everything to do it and you can start promoting all these different types of products in order, so this is the second way you can do this if you wants to promote it on Instagram account it is absolutely free come here, sign in and go on your Instagram account as soon as you start bou Instagram and creating your know your profile you can jump online and watch and watch Google had an amazing Instagram account and do not pay for it go to YouTube and watch and search watch people grow Instagram accounts there is a lot of free content how to do and do it do not have to pay for it okay, so the following way you can do it to make money on Clickbank guys are easy create that free website everything you need do is to a site like Wix calm and with weeks you can come and you can create a free website you can go to on YouTube and you can check it out there are many involved as it come to the creation of your own website but there is nothing you can not find youtube absolutely free now myself promote an offer I have in my possession description where it teaches people how to build a website and it is a paid version that you can sign up for free, but it is paid but there is nothing there which you can not find on YouTube absolutely free I will be honest with you because you can go in there and you can find it for free, it’s just going take you a little longer and you must go through and follow all the following steps etc so that you can absolutely do it free I even have a video on me smart money tactics channel here what is called free landing page in less than 10 minutes spent weeks if you come here and watch it video let me show you how to create a free landing page without having to go and pay for all these other sites like build a role and all the other stuff promote people that you can do it absolutely free okay so you come sign up in two weeks and you can do it absolutely free, so there are a number of ways you can make make money on Clickbank and make money the promotion of these products absolutely for free and that’s why I wanted to show you these different ways that were of course YouTube allows you to create website absolutely free for yourself a Facebook page okay guys true you are the owner of the page start building that Instagram account look there are only four ways you can do it to make money with Clickbank and I wanted to show you exactly because these are some ways I done it and I wanted to be transparent and show you exactly how to can do it well too, it was me video for today guys i really hope you enjoy it if you made sure you hit the similar rating button and that’s all I ask and if you do not want to miss tomorrow’s video, make sure you sign in so you do not miss that until the next time I’m Alan spumoni tactics you stay safe and

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